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Space-Time Black Holes

Do you know? What most mystery thing in the universe is. I think does are black holes. I am research to understand black hole’s nature because they are so interesting and they attract me. This is also true for many cosmologist. However we did not found solve for all questions about black holes yet. That does not mean, we do not know anything. Actually we found many things about black holes and i found something.

kara deliklerden kaçabilir miyiz

However I must explain black holes story to you. If one super massive star collapsing to inside. That event is the birth of a new black holes and this black holes has infinite gravitational forces and infinite density at least our theories gave this solution that is why every one working for combine to general relativity and quantum mechanics.

a stellar-mass black hole in orbit with a companion star located about 6,000 light years from earth

However we do not need combine to those are theories. I think black holes has infinite gravitational forces and density. How does? So if any mass can be bend to space-time. A bigger mass can be bend more than small mass. Then what does the largest mass of space-time? I realized can be tear in space-time. So black holes can be space time tears. I said that because you can not destroy anything on the universe. However black holes can be destroy matter/energy. So black holes can be space-time tears.

However I don’t have a real proof about that theory. But black holes are only theories right?

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