Ana Sayfa Bilim Once upon a "SCIENCE"

Once upon a “SCIENCE”

Every story starts with the sentence “Once upon a time” but not this time.

Once upon a “SCIENCE”.

The word SCIENCE was the most logical one since the beginning of the human being ever and will be. Why is that so?

-Because every single phenomenon becomes logical when it leans on the doors of the science.

Starting from the beginning. Since the day Adam and Eve sent to the world, science was the key of the surviving. It was the guidance to hunt, to find water, to find a place which will always stay dried in the rain. In summarize, it was the most critical key to survive.

When we mention the science of the old times we call it “primitive”. But every single invention was having a life saving importance that time. Each and every of those “primitive” progress was a single step added to the ladder which was leading to today’s modern world. But since than, most of the inventors didn’t think of modernizing and making the world a more liveable place but they did think of the ‘power’. Thereby, instead of building a mutual science ladder for the human being, every single country made decision of building their own one. In one perspective it brought competing phenomenon to the world of science which suppose to accelerate the improvement of the science (I think that should be a good thing!). But in another perspective, it made the words stealing, killing, destroying, dividing and separating more acceptable ones. In this context, whenever people gather and union for resisting to some particular damageful event they got an answer like: “It is made for the sake of our country, our land, our people, our future and finally for the sake of SCIENCE (from one point of view)”. But they never thought of the sake of the future of the human being. Because the words “I, My, Mine, Our” were good and big enough to cover up the word “shame” all over.


It is very easy to identify that, in the beginning science was the most critical helper to survive. But now people are killing each other by using science. Here, the question is that; did the meaning of the word ‘Surviving’ changed or did the critical path that science was following changed?

Everyone will have a personal answer to those questions surely. But this will not change the result unless we do instill our childs the real meaning of the words like stealing, killing, destroying, dividing and science. Otherwise, after sometimes the baby stories will start with “Once upon a Science” and not with “Once upon a time”. Because, science will be much more important than time. Killing will be more important than importance of living a single second more. Stealing will be more important than months spent to buy a valuable. Separating will be more important than years paid to unioun black and white. And life of their own people will be much more important than the life of the everysingle living creatures in the world.

In this manner, importance of our planet is reducing day by day. Therefore, they are more likely to concentrate on a new life outside of the world. Why? Because, they are now sure of that it is not possible to save and make the world a liveable place anymore. Hence, they see the world as a temporary place to stay, a temporary place to develop technology for the outside world, a temporary place that is more suitable to cheat people easily and a temporary place for people other than their own ones.

Stay with Tech!

Mücahit Arslan
Mücahit Arslan
Üniversite eğitimimi yurt dışında bulunan Asia Pacific University (MY) ve Staffordshire University (UK) üniversitelerinde Telekomünikasyon Mühendisliği üzerine tamamladım. Elektrik-Elektronik Mühendisliği bölümünde yüksek lisans eğitimimi tamamlıyorum. Özel bir şirkette görev almış bulunmaktayım. Sizlerle merak uyandıran bilimsel olayları ve bireysel olarak elde ettiğim sosyal gözlem sonuçlarımı paylaşacağım. Teknoloji ile Kalın!

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