Shall We Stand Up or Stay Down?

muhammed ali

Life is a time frame in which a cell come into existence, grow, spend a certain time, and rest in peace till the day of the judgement. Yes, in very basic form, life it self consists of four different levels. But in a more detailed look, we will see that in that very short time frame we have been into dosens of events, feelings, fightings, losings and winnings. In each of this events we all fall down but only some can stand back up. So, in a fight is it better to stand up or stay down while the ref is counting? For sure most will say: Of course standing up!.

Okay, that is true. But unfortunatelly not at all time. Let’s see why?

In a fight we some times get bited, get injured and we fell down. But opponent is still standing with some damage and strength. As the situation shows; opponent is the one who is close to a win. And we are away of winning as we are down. In that case, if we have a warrior somewhere inside our heart we will use this falling time as “resting time” and make quick plans to re-attack while our body is recovering. Or else, we will stay down, do nothing and just wait for the order of the ref that indicates we are the looser. In this context, a braveheart never stays down without planning, trying and applying but an easy accepter do nothing but wait for the result. This is a rope tiny and sword sharpy line that reshapes our characteristics in our entire life.

As mentioned, during life time we will be examined with dosens of events, feelings, fights, loosing and winnings. It is very important to show the same durability towards all the events as this makes us an easy winner and hard looser. An Eng.-Brain should all the time enclose to the happenings by considering various angle without stacking on a single one. Because, making the best decision requires watching the events outside of it. Only in that case you might be able to analyze and critise the particular event. Than only you can think of every single solution and pick the most suitable one.

Furthermore, lets come back to the fight scene. Keep in mind that you are still down and planning to re-attack while recovering. In this case, if you think from the inside of ring it self, you have no much chance to make a good decision. But, if you think outside of the ring, have your seat at the supporters side than you will have a chance to critise your self using prevailing perspective. And this will give you the best opportunity to think of your self as your traniner do. Than only you will follow the instructions which have been given to you by your self. In the other words, you will be the trainer of your self.

After making your quick and intelligent plan, it is time to move towards implementation stage. In this stage, you will face with incitement, bitting, challenges but you will have to fight with your full power. Somehow, you will eventually win. Maybe, you will lose the fight but you will gain strength, you will gain ability to considering cases from different perspectives, you will know how it feels to fall down. As a result, you will gain a strong passion to WIN. So, you already win in the both cases.

Therefore dear readers, either do not stay down when you fall or use the time of falling as your “resting time” in order to recover fast, make suitable decisions and somehow make your weakness your strength.

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