Today’s Wastage is Tomorrow’s Shortage

Today's Wastage is Tomorrow's Shortage

In engineering, energy is defined as the ability to do something. For example in your body; your heart produces your bodies energy. It is your power generator that creates electricity as you move around earth which is a giant magnet. Your spirit is your bodies power box or motherboard that receives and then distributes the bodies energy.

I hope you understand the importance of the energy, now i want to share with you some statistic information about energy in Turkey:

  1. The primary energy sources consumed by Turkey are natural gas, coal, oil and hydraulic energy. 87% from fossil fuels, 13% from renewable sources.
  2. In petroleum and natural gas, which accounts for 60% of our total energy consumption we do not have visible reserves.
  3. In our country, the demand for electricity is growing at an annual average rate of 7%.
  4. Annual electricity consumption in Turkey is 278,345,608,308 kWh and electricity generation is 273,387,560,799 kWh.
  5. Turkey is ranked 13th in the list of countries annual electricity consumption.

How can we save the energy?

RULE 1: Heat Insulation

  • Heat InsulationWe can save %40 energy with insulation on buildings.
  • Heat insulation keeps the building warm in winter, cold in summer.
  • Insulated houses are more convenient than others.
  • Insulation prevents molding and coagulation, this means healthy rooms.
  • Another effect of insulation , it prevents cracking in the outside of the building.

RULE 2: Lighting


  • %25 of total electricity consumed in Turkey is using for lighting.
  • We have to use compact fluorescent lamps for saving energy.
  • Do not use chandelier except in cases of necessity.
  • Partial lighting should be preferred instead of general lighting.
  • Avoid from unneccesary lighting and turn off the light when you do not need to.

RULE 3: Energy Saving in Electrical Equipments

Energy Saving in Electrical Equipments

  • We should prefer A or A+ energy level machines.
  • For example Refrigrator, least-consuming brand must be selected. More size than we need refrigerator should not be taken.
  • Start washing machine and dishwasher when they completely load.
  • Hair dryer, iron and oven are consume a lot of energy. Do not use it more than you need.
  • Do not play Dota all the night. Your notebook works with electricity too..

RULE 4: Energy Saving in Cars

Energy Saving in Cars

  • Comply with speed limits. The rules are both important for safe as well as allowing your car to use less fuel.
  • Do not use your vehicle at high speeds. It also saves your and other people’s life.
  • Avoid heavy braking and gas usage.
  • When you choose your tires, care its pressure and size.
  • Do not open the air conditioner unless necessary. Air conditioning 30-40% more fuel spending.

Energy Saving

  • Shortly what i want to tell you, in order to use energy efficiently we need to change our habits.
  • Cheapest, cleanest and peaceful energy is saved energy.
  • With simple energy saving measures; you can contribute to your budget , to your country’s economy, and you can prevent global warming – air pollution.
  • We can give information about energy saving to our children and warn when they use it out of necessity.
  • If everybody do this, undoubtedly we can leave a beautiful environment and world for the future..



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  1. At first, I would like to congratulate you regarding the preference of languange in the corresponding journal of you. With some improvement in the technical writing skills you may start to publish more technical journals. Besides, there are few points I have to ask you if you dont’t mind. What do you exactly mean by “partial” and “general” electricity? And I didn’t get the exact point of that: “Hair dryer, iron and oven are consume a lot of energy. Do not use it more than you need.” In which cases you think people will over use such staffs?

    • This is basically what i want to tell you :
      You can illimunate the room with 10 lamps which are located in different places, this is partial lighting. You can illimunate the same room with 2 lamps and a chandelier which are located in the middle of the ceiling. This is general lighting.

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